FriendSync – Visual Caller ID – Review

On October 9, 2008

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FriendSync – Visual Caller ID – Review

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By: FriendSync - Visual Caller ID

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2008-08-13


Price: 1.99

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I have a lot of contacts in my iPhone and like most people, don’t have nearly enough of those contacts pictures.  So caller ID pretty much only shows me the name and number.

This unique app lets me configure it to connect to my facebook account and compare my contact list with Facebook members to pull their members images into my iPhone for use during caller ID!

I downloaded the app and immediately set up the connection.  This process was pretty straight forward, and worked after the first try.  You simply type in your facebook username, password, and the connection is made.

Next, you select the Sync button and the app starts to compare your contact names to those on facebooks.  It comes back with the total list of members whos names match and have profile images you can use.

Then you simply select the name of the person in your contact list and the image that was found on facebook and the image is assigned.  This is the part that crashed for me a few times.  But after a few more attempts, I was able to get it to work properly.

It would be great if the app supported other online sites (myspace), and would allow me to import other information like email addresses, etc, in addition to the user images.  If this app was more stable, it would definately get 5 stars from us, as it is now, 4.

Quick Take

Value:  High
Would I Buy Again:  Yes
Learning Curve:  Low
Who is it for:  Anyone who wants an easy way to add images to their contacts but cant make the rounds with the camera!
What I like:  Flexible and unique
What I Don’t:
  Crashed on me a few times during my imports.

Final Statement:  This is a creative idea and has a lot of potential if additional features are added, like importing other user information (email, etc) from facebook into contacts.

Read the Developer's Notes:
FriendSync allows your iPhone to display your friend's Facebook profile pictures when they call.

- FriendSync matches your iPhone contacts to your Facebook friends and downloads their profile picture to your iPhone.
- FriendSync saves your preferences, so updating your friend's pictures only takes a single tap on your iPhone.
- Allows you to sync manually by selecting an iPhone contact then select the matching Facebook friend
- No need to take pictures of all your friends, just run FriendSync and your friend's pictures will be displayed when they call!

** MobileMe Users **
If you use MobileMe to sync your Contacts, check our website's FAQ page before downloading FriendSync.O U R   T A K E .  .  .

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