Gem Fish Review – A unique take on old classics

On May 19, 2015

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Gem Fish Review – A unique take on old classics

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By: Vyper Studios

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Developer: Gem Fish Support

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Gem Fish spawns from ideas of multiple popular classic genres of games like the pinball, araknoid and labyrinth. But what we have in the end is a game which is unique and refreshing.

Gem Fish starts with an underwater scene where you spring load and shoot a marble ball into the waters. Tilt your iPhone to control the ball and make sure you end up inside the friendly barrel, at the end of your ride. Land elsewhere to lose a ball while, bounce off fish and other sea creatures to collect coloured shells. The aim of each level is obviously to collect the destined number of shells without losing all ball lives.

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Initial levels on Gem Fish are simple enough as you ricochet off sea fish, planks, clouds and corals to collect shells and hurry back into the barrel. But as levels climb, more elements are added to the game which makes the gameplay more hard yet interesting and dynamic, and distinguishes Gem Fish from the games that it roots from.

Jelly fish gulping the marbles, red crabs trying to steal them, ink-squirting octopus that obscure your view, drifting currents pushing the balls, hungry sharks trying to get a bite and more, makes your going tough. There are a number of paid upgrades that can give you a hand but a competent player should have no problem ignoring them.

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The gameplay is joyful, and not as easy as it looks which adds a tinge of addiction to Gem Fish. Though you won’t see yourself spending continuous hours with the game, you’ll surely be coming back for more whenever you are in an pick-and-play mood.

The graphics and interface are not as intiitive as I would have liked but as long as the game itself delivers, they don’t matter much. The sound effects complement the game well while the Game Centre intergration keep the gameplay challenging.

In the end, with 60 different levels, varying obstructions, unique gameplay and the zero price tag, Gem Fish is surely worth the deep dive.

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Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yup

Learning Curve:Easy

Who Is It For:Casual gamers

What I Like:The concept

What I Don't Like:The interface

Final Statement:Go get the shells!

Read the Developer's Notes:
Simply launch the gem ball, use your tilt skills to destroy or avoid the ocean creatures and collect the ball in the barrel below.

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Please note: This game is optimised for iPhone 5 onwards, and iPad Air onwards

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