Goats and Gadgets Review – What Would You Do For An Apple?

On February 18, 2013

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Goats and Gadgets Review – What Would You Do For An Apple?

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By: Big Sprite Games

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2013-02-15

Developer: Big Sprite Games

Price: 0.99

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Goats are a tenacious animal. If they want something you had better get out of the way or else you are going to end up on your butt. Goats apparently love apples as well. So much so that they will adventure through the snow packed hills of the Himalayas; through abominable snow men and mischievous trolls just to get their snack.

While this isn’t the silliest premise for an iOS game, it still gives me a bit of a chuckle to think about it. Beyond the theme Goats and Gadgets is a puzzle game that has you moving goats around the level to reach an apple. At first this is just a matter of positioning your goats over switches or stacking them to reach higher platforms, but as the levels progress the games becomes more of a timing puzzle that has you moving multiple platforms and activating switches in time with other creatures. This orchestra of bedlam intensifies as more gadgets are introduced. There are teleporters that are used to connect parts of the level with each other and even a bionic goat that when can act as a cannon when he isn’t clamoring for apples.

Besides the landscape, there are several creatures that are intent on stopping your mission. There is a giant snow beast that will slap you off the map if you get too close. There is also a club wielding troll that will mostly leave you alone unless you stand on his platform (here is a hint, you have to do that a lot). Finally there is a hairy spider that can drop out of the sky to snatch up any goat unaware. There is also an interplay between these menaces that is utilized in the puzzles.

The controls consist of swiping the direction you want your goat to go. These goats don’t move very fast so its important that your time your swipes when things get tight. A mis-swipe could stack your goats in the wrong order, or send them to the wrong platform. The puzzles themselves are not terribly difficult. most of them take just am minute to figure out where to go and the rest of the rest is just getting the timing down. There are fourty levels the beat and many of them have optional side goals to achieve while you quest for apples. While this game isn’t a heavy puzzle game that will leave your mind boggled, it is a fun light weight puzzler that is worth the $.99 price. There is plenty of room to expend this concept down the line so it will be interesting to see if Big Sprite has more in store for their hungry goats.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Easy

Who Is It For:Fans of light puzzles

What I Like:Fun timing based puzzles

What I Don't Like:Controls would sometimes send your goats the wrong way

Final Statement:Goats are tenatious animals!

Read the Developer's Notes:
COMMAND THE GOATS, MASTER THE GADGETS Goats and Gadgets is a fun, challenging and addictive puzzle adventure with an endearing character cast and innovative game-play. Join the goats in their epic journey to retrieve the stolen apples. Shoot goats out of cannons, send them through portals, have them operate complex gadgetry like timer-switches, pressure-pads and elevators. Do whatever you have to do, just get those apples back! This inspiring puzzle-platformer will put your creative problem solving skills to the test and give your reflexes a work out. Goats and Gadgets is an evolving array of challenges that will keep you entertained.

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