GOL: Legend Review – Knight in shining armor

On July 30, 2013

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GOL: Legend Review – Knight in shining armor

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By: D&D Dream Corp

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2013-06-27

Developer: D&D Dream Corp

Price: 0.99

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Have you always wanted to save the princess in distress? Don that shining armor and ride off slaying dragons? Well GOL: Legend lets you come a little close to that. In this tap and hold side scrolling platform, some dry humor is injected into an otherwise serious theme.

So you have your poor damsel being abducted and you set across the lands to rescue her. Along the way you go through perils and obstacles failing which you are destroyed.

Or forced to restart that stage.

As mentioned, the controls for the game are simple. Tap and hold the screen appropriately following the instructions on the screen will suffice for beating the obstacles. Sit back and watch cutesy animations like your knight urinating on fires to put them out. The little ridiculous acts executed to overcome these otherwise crazily dangerous foes will definitely put a smirk to your face.

While the game provides a variety of characters and game backgrounds to represent different stages, they all pretty much function the same way. Thus, there isn’t much to look forward to as the game progresses on.

However, I must say the game provides some decent entertainment and is worth the $0.99 purchase.


Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Easy. Tap and hold

Who Is It For:Casual gamers

What I Like:The animations are really creative and cute

What I Don't Like:Repetition

Final Statement:Urinating on flames? That's a first.

Read the Developer's Notes:
G.O.L is a game that provides you with a variety of experiences. You play G.O.L using a simple touch interface.
There are 3 episodes, which contain numerous stages.
Each character has their own unique comical actions and endings, making the game much more fun.

Also, you can compete with your friends as well as people from around the world for leaderboard rankings via the game center.

Fantastical adventure G.O.L will put a smile on your face!!

*Game features
- 3 episodes
- 70 stages
- Huge bosses
- 9 characters
- Various game modes and backgrounds
- Various animations

--------Next Update-------
- Episode 4.

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