GooSync – Review

On September 10, 2008

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GooSync – Review

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By: Toffa Software Limited

Version #: 1.0.4

Date Released: 2008-09-10


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MobileMe isn’t perfect but after an initial period when I refered to it as "Woe Is Me", it does pretty well. Well enough, in fact, that I have stopped using the combination of Google Calendar/Email/AddressBook and BusySync that allowed me to move from Outlook Exchange to the iPhone in August of 2007.

How I wished for something like GooSync that allowed forGoogle’s PIM apps to sync over-the-air. It didn’t, though, and SpanningSync and later BusySync did the trick.

Well, GooSync released their iPhone app and it moves things one step closer to full OTA integration between Google and iPhone. Unfortunately it is only a single step, and a small one at that.

I signed up for a free account in order to test it prior to posting.

I immediately discovered that the free account doesn’t syn contacts. Strike One.

A look at the website and listing in the App Store reveals that there is currently NO Solution for syncing the Calendar. Strike Two

So Gmail is now available for free via POP or IMAP, Google Calendar won’t sync at all, and contacts in Gmail will only sync with a subscription that costs about $35 a year. Strike Three.

For $100 a year I get Contacts, Email, Calendar, web access and 20GB of iDisk data storage. It works on Mac, Windows and my iPhone/iPod Touch. It got a rocky start but now it is working just fine. Fine enough that I’l be sticking with it.


Quick Take

Value: Low in its current form
Would I Buy Again:  No
Learning Curve: Low after initial setup
Who is it for:  People who want to use Google and an iPhone.
What I like:  Great idea. Potential alternative to MobileMe
What I Don’t:  No Calendar. Pricey just to sync your address book

Final Statement:  GooSync holds a lot of promise. It may very well become a perfect solution for OTA sync between Google and iPhone. Right now, however, it is a promise and not much more

Read the Developer's Notes:
GooSync Client for iPhone/iPod Touch devices.

Seamlessly synchronize your iPhone/iPod Touch device over-the-air with your GooSync account and thus your Google data.O U R   T A K E . . .

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