GoSkyWatch Planetarium: Point, Aim And Identify The Stars And Beyond

On September 13, 2010

App Type: iPhone

GoSkyWatch Planetarium: Point, Aim And Identify The Stars And Beyond

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By: GoSoftWorks

Version #: 4.2

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If there is one truly innovative way to use the onboard camera feature in any mobile device, the GoSkyWatch Planetarium app is it. It allows the user to point their device at the sky and instantly get navigational information about the objects and activities taking place in that region.

The GoSkyWatch Planetarium app will always display the view of the sky at the correct orientation regardless of the way the device is being held. This will let the app user point, aim and identify everything that they are seeing in the skies above. There is a permanent database of all identified objects and planets (including many deep space objects), a constellation finder, and a Favorites tab to allow users to save their preferred locations.

The app also features a red light mode for nighttime use, a huge database of constellation myths, details on the solar system and the stars, and the ability to search for stars by name or magnitude. The display also features planets in relative brightness to allow for easier identification too. Users can take in a full 180 degree display of the sky, and even peek at what is below the horizon as well.

There are all kinds of constellation and sky navigation apps, but the GoSkyWatch Planetarium app is one that is designed to be used in the heads-up position for immediate responsiveness and a whole lot of fun.

The app functions with iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices and works in English, Dutch, French and German languages. The cost for the app is $5.99, and any updates are made available entirely free of charge.

If you want to easily and quickly explore the night sky, this is a good app to download right away.

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