Gravity Fleet – Review – Destroy the monsters!

On June 19, 2012

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Gravity Fleet – Review – Destroy the monsters!

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By: Coffee Powered Machine

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2012-05-08

Developer: Coffee Powered Machine

Price: 0.99

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Combining both strategy and action into one game, think Gravity Fleet as one of those pinball like games where players use the game environment to their advantage except that the game revolves around destroying targets rather than accumulating seemingly endless points.

In Gravity Fleet, players make use of the obstacles scattered around the playing field to guide their shots towards the enemy. This can be done through careful aiming, where a well-timed shot will be guided by the gravitational pull of the obstacles into the hearts of enemy forces.

The above concept does take a while to grasp hold of. Gravity Fleet is by no means a very easy game to learn. However, once players have gotten the hang of things, Gravity Fleet quickly becomes a very addictive game to play.

The game presents itself in an anime styled animation style where while the cartoonish graphics do not look childish, they are not that maturely themed either. Visually, during gameplay, Gravity Fleet gives the feel of a very futuristic control system, which totally fits the whole plot of the game.

For $0.99, Gravity Fleet is a game that I would recommend users to get. A strategy game, players should be prepared to tear a few strands of hair out fussing over how to beat certain levels.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Med. Takes a while to get used to the controls.

Who Is It For:Casual gamers looking for a little thinking instead of mindless shooting.

What I Like:Everything in the game blends in well to compliment itself.

What I Don't Like:Game gets a little repetitive after awhile.

Final Statement:Take aim, fire!

Read the Developer's Notes:
GRAVITY FLEET: The beginning of a new era in physics based puzzles!
The planet-eating monsters are here! It's time to kick them back to where they came from. Discover the fun of astrophysics, using the gravity of the planets, worm holes, stars and black holes to deliver your shots right on the spot.


GRAVITY FLEET gives you:

Are you one of those who always need more challenges? Here you have it! Will you have what it takes to master each of them?

You have it too. A total of 11 assistants will help you in your journey, each one of them with unique abilities that will boost your planet-defending-quests!

Saving the galaxy it's important, but what's more important is showing off the ship you are using! Choose one of the 12 ships in the hangar to defeat the green ones, each one of them with different missiles styles.

In your arsenal you'll find 7 different kinds of mass destruction weapons. Bombs, Vacuums, Lasers, Plasma balls and more! All of them have one sole objective: wipe out the green menace from our worlds. Choose wisely, you don't want to destroy the whole galaxy!

Sometimes you need that extra help, some other times you want to kill-em-all with style. Well, you can always pick your favorite item and be happy while being congratulated with honors.


"Gravity Fleet is a great game just shouldn't be ignored. It is very fun and has challenging gameplay” -

"Coffee Powered Machine has definitely done a great job with their first iOS release, and will definitely be put on my list of developers to keep an eye on in the future" - The App-Shack

"Gravity Fleet is still definitely worth playing. It's an interesting idea backed up by powerful weapons and cool looking ships – what's not to like? – 148apps

Do you think you're a smart guy? Now you can prove it. Those monsters are very hungry, so what are you waiting for? Grab your copy while is still hot!

ATTENTION: It's not recommended for devices 3G or below.
+ More levels!
+ More assistants!
+ More ships!
+ Achievements with GameCenter!
+ And of course, more FUN!

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