Habit List Review – A cool, down-to-Earth way to track reviews

On November 2, 2012

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Habit List Review – A cool, down-to-Earth way to track reviews

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By: S.Dunlap & G.Gualberto

Version #: 1.0.1

Date Released: 2012-05-25

Developer: S.Dunlap & G.Gualberto

Price: 1.99

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Habit List is one of the simplest habit trackers out there. Just pop it opened, slide your finger above the habit and you’re done. Could it get any easier?

Well, we don’t think so. Habit List allows you to set a wide array of frequency options for your habits (from “daily” to “weekly,” passing through “2 times a week” and “every 2-3 days”.) In the main screen of Habit List, each task shows the current streak (to keep you motivated,) and by tapping on the task you can check a calendar with crosses, like Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity tip.

In Habit List you can also add reminders, in case you need to remember what to do. I rather open the app at random during the day and check what is left for the day. I’m only waiting for the app to offer CSV export to analyze all this wealth of data! This is a short review, but it’s not because Habit List lacks features: it is as full featured as it gets, and the execution is perfect.

In short: Habit List is a full-featured habit tracker, with a wonderful minimalistic design.

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Would I Buy Again:Sure!

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Productivity freaks

What I Like:The simplicity of the design

What I Don't Like:For now lack of data export abilities

Final Statement:A very good and useful app

Read the Developer's Notes:
Intuitive and flexible, Habit List helps you create good habits and break unhealthy ones. Stay on track, keep your to-do list uncluttered, and see big changes through little steps. Key features include:

Get motivated with streaks - Keeping streaks alive is a powerful motivator. See how high you can go, then try and beat your personal best!

Flexible Scheduling - Choose from 3 kinds of schedules: Specific Days, Non-Specific Days, or Intervals. Schedule your workouts M-W-F, bring lunch to work any 4 days per week, or write a blog post every 2-3 days.

Intuitive swipe to cross off items - It’s gratifying to cross items off a list. Completed items gray out and drop to the bottom of your list so remaining habits are front and center, while still showing your day’s accomplishments.

Focus on what’s due - No need to wade through all your habits to figure out what to do, Habit List only shows what’s due today. And you can set the default order for your habits, so items that you’ll complete first are at the top of your list.

Stay on track with reminders - Habits are powerful because they’re automatic, but while you’re building routines, reminders are indispensable.

Track your progress - See your history at a glance and gain insight into what’s working—or isn’t. Habit List also tracks your personal best (longest streak) and all-time completion rate.

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