Happy Hols

On December 17, 2008

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Happy Hols

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By: Happy Hols

Version #: 1.0.0

Date Released: 2008-12-01


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 Happy Hols is an application that allows you to select seasonal photos of your friends, family and colleagues in a fun and creative way on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch.

Creating your seasonal masterpiece

   1. First select your background image: Choose a picture from your photo library.

   2. Take a new picture using the camera (if present). Use the slider in the top right to select the image shape you’d like to work with.  Then using drag and pinch to move the image into position. Press Done when finished.


   3. Now decorate your image:  Add a new item to the scene. Remove the currently selected item from the scene.
      Select an item by tapping it, then use either one or two fingers to move, resize or rotate the image into place.
      You can also zoom and drag around the image by touching outside the current selection.

      NOTE: For small items you only need to place the first finger inside the selection box to rotate or resize.

      Save the picture to your Album.
      You can then use the “Photos” application in your iPhone or iPod Touch to show or e-mail your creation.

Quick Take: Happy Hols is a very simple straight forward way of creating seasonal pictures using either pictures from your iPhone/iPod Touch library or a brand new picture taken from your iPhone! Once selected, you can decorate each photo with various items of the season. The only limitation is your creative ability. Once completed you can save and send your creative work to your family and friends. 

Would I Buy Again: Yes!

Learning Curve: The instructions are clearly noted on the Welcome page presented by the program. 

Who is it for: Anyone who likes to "enhance" an appropriate photo to give it a seasonal flavor will enjoy working with Happy Hols!!

What I like: The convenience of being able to take a picture and "sprucing" it up a bit with some added graphic effects before passing it along to family or friends. 

What I Don’t: As with most applications in the iPhone/ iPod touch, you’re dealing with a rather small "work" area. Being able to re-size the primary image is effective. However some of the effects are so small that to increase them is quite difficult even with normal size fingers. I’m not sure what the solution would be to alleviate that problem. Also, I only saw Christmas related items in the add on library, but I’m sure there will be updates to accommodate other holidays throughout the year. 

Final Statement: Happy Hols is a nice application that the whole family can enjoy together while making a simple picture into something special for various holidays! 


Read the Developer's Notes:
Happy Hols is an application that allows you to create seasonal photos of your friends, family and colleagues in a fun and exciting way on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch.

Images can be selected from your existing Photo library or taken using the iPhone camera. The image can then be cropped, resized and customised using more than 30 original images. The application interface gives a simple intuitive way to rotate, move and resize the festive decorations on the background photo.
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