HippoRemote Pro – Review

On April 29, 2010

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HippoRemote Pro – Review

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By: RoboHippo LLC

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Date Released: 1969-12-31


Price: 4.99

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First we had Air Mouse Pro, then we had the free WiFi computer remote app by Logitech.  So the question is, why buy this one?  This one is priced at $4.99 whereas Air Mouse Pro is currently $1.99 and the Logitech program is free.

For one thing, Hipporemote Pro has more features than the aforementioned alternatives.  Another thing is that you can create custom macros in the program that can send keystroke combinations to the computer and start virtually any program or activity you wish with a single tap (for example, starting Windows Explorer in Vista is one of the many already built in).  The app also has plugins for its own web browser, Twitter and Boxee.

More advantages: no extra software or downloads are needed for the program to work with Macs and Linux out of the box (although certain system settings have to be changed for it to work on the Mac).  The computers can also be password protected from connection with the app so nobody can sneak up behind you and start messing with your computer.

As with all trackpad programs, a WiFi connection is necessary for the program to work with the computer.  Hopefully future generations can have it work with infrared attachments.  You can even change the background graphic for the app to one in your Photo Library (it automatically resizes it for you).

This app comes with a lot of features.  It is the next generation of computer remote controls on the iPhone or iPod touch.  If you can’t afford this one, there is also the HippoRemote Basic (to compete with Air Mouse Pro) and HippoRemote Lite (to compete with Logitech).  I preferred the full-featured one, but it’s up to the individual.  Recommended.


Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Most probably.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Those who like using the iPhone as a computer remote.

What I Like:Incredible amount of features.

What I Don't Like:A little pricey, but you get what you pay for.

Final Statement:After this app, all the other WiFi remote applications pale in comparison.

Read the Developer's Notes:
HippoRemote Pro turns your iPhone and iPod touch into a wireless keyboard, multi-touch mouse and remote control, giving you complete control of your media center Mac/PC in the palm of your hand. No more awkward bulky devices.In version 2, we've added a Web Browser and a Twitter Client, bringing the Web and Social Networks to your fingertips. Visit https://hipporemote.com/video to see these new features in action.Keyboard, mouse, remote, Twitter and the Web. With HippoRemote Pro, you get all the power and capabilities of multiple apps, integrated into one seamless package, letting you discover, share and interact with music, photos, and videos in ways that are impossible for any other remote.  KEY FEATURES:* Multi-Touch Trackpad - The best trackpad in the App Store, with Multi-Touch Gestures up to 4 fingers and our unique Circular Scrolling feature.* Intelligent Keyboard - Remembers what you've typed so you don't ever have to repeat yourself. Access to arrow keys, modifier keys, and function keys. Tallscreen and widescreen orientations.* International Keyboards - Full Unicode support for entering text in Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Russian, or any other iPhone supported language.* App Profiles - Like having a universal remote for all the programs on your computer. You can also create your own profiles or download profiles from other users directly from the web.* Auto App Switching - Launch or switch between programs with a single tap.* Login & Password Manager - One tap to auto-fill login information for your favorite web sites.* Macros - Automate tasks by recording your own shortcuts.* Wake-on-LAN - Turn on your computer from your couch.* Proximity Sensor - Rest your iPhone on it's face to turn off the screen and conserve battery.UNIQUE PLUGINS:* Browser Plugin - Read email, update Facebook, check sports scores, chat with friends, and more, all without leaving HippoRemote.* Boxee Plugin - A custom touchpad for Boxee. Control Boxee with flicks, swipes and taps on a super-smooth gesture-based touchpad.* Twitter Plugin - Post status updates. Browse your Twitter timeline & lists. Explore links on your iPhone/iPod or open them on your Mac/PC with one tap.

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