Hipstamatic Disposable for iphone, ipad Review

On February 6, 2012

App Type: iPhone

Hipstamatic Disposable for iphone, ipad Review

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By: Synthetic Infatuation

Version #: 10

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Developer: By Synthetic Corp

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Remember way back in the age of dinosaurs, before digital cameras, you could pay a couple bucks for a paper wrapped camera that would have 20-30 shots. You would finish the roll and then turn the entire camera over to have the film developed and the camera recycled. This was a cheap method for taking pictures when you didn’t have a regular camera, and the picture quality was on par worth most point and shoot cameras. Well, Synthetic is has an answer for those that wish digital photography had gone and ruined all the inconveniences of traditional film with the Hipstamatic Disposable camera app.

Now this isn’t a disposable app. You only have to download it once to enjoy the digital reincarnation of the disposable camera experience. The Hipstamatic Disposable comes with two different filters (each camera type is a different filter) from which you can make as many disposables as you want. Each disposable camera comes with twenty-four shots and that filter can not be used until the current roll is complete. There are some limited sticker choices to design the way your a label so you can name a group of pictures.

The filters are nothing we haven’t already seen on many other retro image apps. You are also not able to see the filters until after the photo roll is done so there will be not previewing a shit to see if it needs to be retaken. This is to help give you the experience of a true disposable camera. Cameras photos are grouped by camera, and they can be shared across the usual social media sites. For those of you that can’t get enough of digital representations of older technology, there are seven other filters that can be purchased with IAP from the “Hipsta Store.” Some of these allow for unlimited cameras to be created, while others give you a more realistic feel by giving you a limited number of cameras you may make from the filter before having to purchase more. It reminds me of a pay per use software license and doesn’t seem to really add any significant value to the app.

While I am a fan of retro things, I has a soft spot for pixel graphics, or chip tunes, I don’t see why anyone would enjoy using a camera app that takes all the things we loved about retro photography, and then intentionally breaks the user interface for the sake of being retro. If you are a fan of Synthetic’s other Hipstacam apps and are a glutton for punishment if it is in the name of retro then this app succeeds in providing you with that. For the rest of us, I think we will continue to use one of many easy to use retro filters, and leave the disposable cameras to nostalgia.

We rate this app 2 out of 5 stars.

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