Hook Worlds for iPhone & iPad Review

On December 20, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Hook Worlds for iPhone & iPad Review

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By: Jeremy Orlando

Version #: 1.00

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Developer: By Rocketcat Games

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For most game developers, creating a winning franchise can be a huge boom financially as a multitude of games can be created with less time taken to develop the look and feel as you borrow from previous successful games. The risks are that the developer will suck the life from a franchise and leave an unsavory taste in the mouths of gamers. I’m glad to report that RocketCat’s latest installment of the hook games has navigated those pitfalls.

Hook World is RocketCat’s third installment of hood related games and is an intriguing twist on the game style that they have mastered with their previous games; Hook Champ, and Super Quick Hook. Where the previous games were more story related and have a progressively unlocked world, Hook World is more of a quick play game with a more casual gamer in mind. This doesn’t mean that Hook World isn’t without a lot to offer the fans of the previous games. Hook World is actually three separate worlds, each with their own variation on the classic game play.

The first world is called, “The Curse of the Watcher,” and is an endless chase that feels like a cross of Super Quick Hook, and Hook Champ in game play. One feature that is a change in this game is the auto aiming hook which mean you only have to tap a button to fire the hook instead of tapping where you want the hook to go. Hardcore gamers will long for the more precise controls, but in the spirit of this games casual roots the controls are better for those that want a fun game that does not require much practice to enjoy.

The second world is “Bounty Gunner,” and this is the first taste of what this game has to offer. In this world you will be grappling as well as firing you six-shooter as ghost pirates and spiked walls to avoid being killed. The object is not to move as fast as possible, but to avoid taking damage. I found this world to be a fast paced and enjoyable variation that keeps me coming back time and again to improve my score and unlock the many hats and hooks that each world has.

It is the final world that really steps up the game in terms of difficulty. In “Cyber Gnome 202x” you play as a rebel gnome in a future where it is illegal to be a gnome. You are armed with a gravity belt that lets you reverse gravity at will. This allows for an insane chase where you will be both running, as well as hooking upside down and at times trying to float in the middle.

For those of you that pick up this game over the weekend you are given a special treat with a fifth game type. The bonus is an 8-bit version of the original Hood Champ. This game is surprisingly difficult and will test you reaction to the ever changing caverns. For those that are not able to get the game in time this game type and its accompanied hat and hook, will be available to everyone on the next update.

If you were a fan of the first two games, then you probably already have this game. If you are looking for a fun and quick casual game to pass the time, then Hook World is a great addition to your game folder. Hook World is available now for $.99 in the app store. Enjoy!

We rate this app 5 out of 5 stars.

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