i. TV – Review

On October 4, 2008

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i. TV – Review

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By: i. TV

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Date Released: 2008-10-06


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One of the things I am liking more and more is discovering new apps that not only work well in their own right but replace two or more apps in a single package. For the past few months I have been using Now Playing to check movies and What’s On for television listing. Both just got pre-empted by a single app- i.TV.

i.TV is a free program guide for tv and movie schedules and a whole lot more!

TV listings


After registering onthe i.TV site, inputting your zip code and selecting your provider (currently only US and Canadian) i.TV provides a huge amount of information.

We aren’t just talking schedules!  The app provides episode synopses, cast info and streamed previews. The app lets you add and read ratings, reviews, filters, favorites and more. Episode title, a summary, a gallery of images, credits and show details are also available. While syncing the data can take a while, once the information is loaded it works quite well.

Movie Listings

i.TV lets you browse movies by title or theaters. In addition, you can watch trailers, read reviews, view  gallery of images, see credits, details,  and get a host of information. Pretty much any information you want about a movie, theater or time is at your fingertips.

A setting page allows you to filter ratings, select which television channels are displayed, you can toggle on/off displaying pay per view items, music stations, informercials, non-english, and shows that are off-the-air. You can even lock the settings.



i.TV is easy to navigate but a setting to jump from the current listing to a specific time or date would be great.

Updates will include remote DVR programming, IR blast integration, movie rentals, movie ticket purchases and even the ability to watch streamed TV.

In short, i.TV is a great app for television and movie buffs and has the potential to become  an amazing one.

Read the Developer's Notes:
i.TV is the ultimate movies and TV guide for the iPhone and iPod touch--and it’s FREE. Quickly and easily find out when and where your favorite movies and TV shows are playing anywhere in the US and Canada.
Features include:-Browse more than 144,000 TV and movie listings-Find out which movies are playing in more than 5,000 local theaters-View nearly 6,000 TV previews and movie trailers-View detailed show descriptions, celebrity bios and photos-Write your own TV and movie reviews as you watch a show-Share TV and movie info with friends

Upcoming features:-Watch TV-Remote record TV shows to your DVR-Manage DVD rentals-Buy movie tickets We value your feedback: [email protected]O U R   T A K E . . .

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