I Win Box Review – Win real life rewards with this free app

On July 1, 2013

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I Win Box Review – Win real life rewards with this free app

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By: J.B.J. Development

Version #: 1.2

Date Released: 2013-06-22

Developer: I Win Box Support

Price: Free

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Everybody likes presents. So why not make an app for that? With apps like I Win Box bringing real life rewards, you needn’t wait for Christmas anymore!

I Win Box is a fairly simple game. More like a mixture of Wheel of Fortune and Ludo, this 6 megabyte game walks you through the test of fate. Come on top and make some money.

Roll the dice and circle your token around the playboard, winning or losing points at each tile. Yep, somewhat like Monopoly. You start with a 5000 points and the tiles feature +20%, doubling, tripling, -10%, halving, +5000 etc and the game stopping death. Dice back and lucky spin help keep things from getting monotonous. Cast your spell and roll the dice; heap up points and evade death; and if you’re the best, claim your gift.

As I’ve already mentioned, real life rewards are the major highlight of I Win Box. You can win upto $25 by playing this free game. I know you have doubts about this and so did I. But all the details of past players and winners and even current scores with live updates are put up online. Seems pretty transparent!

I have to admit that the graphics of this game is below average and I would really love to see some improvements there. But the sound effects are cool and so is the simple interface. To my surprise, this game isn’t ad supported and the only pay is if you want to use the Cheat death power.

On the whole, I Win Box is surely worth a try.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes, till I score big.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:Who wouldn't want some free cash.

What I Like:Real life rewards.

What I Don't Like:The graphics.

Final Statement:Good luck!

Read the Developer's Notes:
I Win Box gives you the opportunity to win WEEKLY PRIZES, REAL MONEY with a FREE app! You don't have to pay anything in order to win real money!

When you play the game and accumulate points, you will constantly face a daring decision, of wether you should continue, or stop and save your score, before you lose all your points and have to start over! When you upload your score, you will see your name appear on a highscore list, that gets reset weekly, so everyone has a chance of making it to the top! On the weekly reset, prizes will be given out to the top players that made the highest score in a single session!

I Win Box features extremely simple gameplay, and can be played and enjoyed by almost everyone! It contains a lot of randomness, which makes every play session different. On each game, the board shuffles and provides you with a new board! I Win Box doesn't require hours of gameplay! It requires a bit of luck, and the ability to decide when to stop and save the score. There is no better app to pick-up-and-play, and with the chance of weekly prizes! Can you beat your friends high score in the last minute and claim the bigger prize instead of him?
I Win Box Features:
- Weekly prizes to the players with the highest uploaded score
- A lot of randomness, securing short play-sessions, and different play sessions each time.
- Simple gameplay, no steep learning curve! Pick-up-and-play, and win!
- Weekly high score resets gives everyone a constant chance of claiming the prices!

Pick it up while it is running on introduction price, and beat the other players scores!

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Apple is in no way affiliated nor does it endorse IWinBox. Apple is NOT sponsoring the app or its prices!

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