iCopter – Review

On November 24, 2008

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iCopter – Review

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By: Michael Hertz

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-08-24


Price: 0.99

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iCopter  is a clone of the extremely popular Helicopter flash game for the computer.  The  developer dubbed it as an "easy to pick-up and  play, addictive and fun game." And on these promises, it delivers.

It’s not  going to immerse you with its jaw-dropping graphics or pitch-perfect sound  effects, but does it really need to?  When you load up the game, you’re greeted by one welcome screen. Tap 
anywhere and you’re in the middle of the game.

The controls are simple. As you  tap the screen, your helicopter will stay afloat. You avoid obstacles as the  game gets faster and the tunnel gets narrower. When you hit something, it’s game 
over. Simple, yet it works. 

The colors of the obstacle and the helicopter itself are customizable,  which is a nice touch. Actually, the game itself is very well put together. My  only grievance is that the novelty does wear thin after a short while, but the  quick, reflex game took kept me more entertained than more $1 apps do. 

Quick  Take
Value:  6/10 
Would  I Buy Again:  Yes
Learning  Curve: None. Simple, intuitive controls.
Who  is it for:  Fans of the Helicopter. Reflex gamers.
What  I like: Controls, customizability, and simplicity
What  I Don’t: Gets repetitive. No two player mode.
Final  Statement:  A fun, simple game that will keep you entertained for a minute  at a time.

Read the Developer's Notes:
iCopter, the eagerly awaited helicopter game, has finally hit AppStore!

Guide your helicopter safely through a tunnel full of obstacles, excitement and adventure in this highly addictive and entertaining game.

Compete against the world via the online high score list and continually challenge yourself to beat your own personal best and become World number one!

iCopter is an easy to pick-up and play, addictive and fun game.
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