iCrimeFighter Review – Build cases against criminals, landlords, and messy flatmates

On October 4, 2011

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iCrimeFighter Review – Build cases against criminals, landlords, and messy flatmates

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By: At-Scene

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2011-09-09

Developer: At-Scene

Price: 2.99

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There aren’t many men out there who haven’t at some point fantasised about being a private investigator. Even though cinema has generally portrayed these people as loners who are doomed to die at the hands of a femme fatale, there is something infinitely appealing about the idea of going to the scene of a grisly crime and meticulously piecing together the evidence to build up a case.

Sadly, iCrimeFighter doesn’t guarantee this lifestyle for you, but it is nevertheless an extremely useful app for building a case of evidence about, well, anything really. The app is marketed as being designed ‘by cops, for cops’, and the option to use your GPS to map crime trends in certain areas attests to this.

But the fools that wrote up police-centric description have underestimated this app’s uses. Once you create a case, you can fill it out with photos, videos, notes and interviews, all instantly accessible from the main screen.

Say you want to build a case against your flatmate who never washes up after himself (I won’t pretend this is a random example). Create the case, record an interview with him, in which he’ll no doubt say that he does wash up, then over the course of a week gather up photographic evidence showing that he is indeed a filthy non-dish-washing bastard.

For those who aren’t complete pedants like myself, iCrimeFighter remains extremely useful. Maybe you’ve been in a car crash, and want to gather evidence for your insurance company, or you want to send an extensive list of housing faults to your landlord. After you’ve gathered everything you need for your case, you can e-mail it to yourself in one smart, formal package.

iCrimeFighter is an app that’s extremely handy to have in everyday life. Sure, it’s not every day that you have a car crash or need to compile a case about something, but this app is a great way of condensing the necessary information for when these frustrating events inevitably do happen. Perhaps CrimeFighter is too narrow a name for an app that’s useful to just about anyone.


Quick Take

Value:Very high.

Would I Buy Again:Yes.

Learning Curve:Low.

Who Is It For:'Cop', according to the description, but in reality just about anyone.

What I Like:I can create a comprehensive case against my messy flatmate.

What I Don't Like:The frustrating, banal cases that this app will inevitably be used for.

Final Statement:A great app for condensing essential information and evidence for a case; whether it's civil, criminal, or personal.

Read the Developer's Notes:
iCrime Fighter is an investigative/evidence gathering application created for cops by cops! Use your iOS device to collect all the information you need at the crime scene or event. With iCrime Fighter you can capture photographs, record videos, record interviews, and write field notes. You can save cases by case number or ICR. Easily locate crime trends with the GPS mapping feature. Capture video evidence and taped statements with convenient built recorder with a Miranda warning tab.
iCrime Fighter is also invaluable for investigators, EMS,first responders, and insurance adjustors.
This app is very handy in the event you are in a traffic crash and need to document the scene for your insurance claim.

You can then easily share the cases you collect via email or directly through iTunes.

Let us help you gather the evidence you need for your cases today!

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