iDB Datamaster Pro – Review

On October 2, 2008

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iDB Datamaster Pro – Review

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By: Evince Technologies, Inc.

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2008-08-04


Price: 12.99

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iDB Datamaster is a personal manager. With it you can create,  manage and encrypt information such as account data, credit card, numbers, and passwords. It can also function as a diary and to-do list. Potentially a powerful program, it can be accessed wirelessly for both back up and restore..

iDB Datamaster is, first and foremost, about creating and carrying a variety of personal information in an encrypted manner. The available databases fall into a number of different categories. These include- Accounts, Credit Cards, To Dos, Checklists, Diary, Logs and Notes. Each offers its own template to make data input easy. Unfortunately, it does not offer the ability to create your own templates.

Another HUGE limitation of the app is that, while backing up and restoring can occur wirelessly, it DOES NOT allow you to create or access data from a browser or web service. Yes, there is a way to input material from your desktop or notebook, but it is more than a bit complicated.

The Interface is a bit rough and not very streamlined.  As a work/business app, I would expect something more refined than what is currently there.  This is, of course, a personal aesthetic issue, though.

The ToDo functionality is good, allowing you to set a variety of important information. Unfortunately, it lacks a web or desktop-based equivalent.  With so many excellent iPhone todo apps available, including ones that sync very easily, this is a major limitation.
The Checklist portion also works well, but, again, it is lacking a web or desktop-based equivalent. You get the picture…

In short, the app itself works well but the lack of syncing is an issue for anyone who needs a serious productivity application and at $13 I have a difficult time recommending it.

Quick Take

Value:  Low
Would I Buy Again: No 
Learning Curve: Medium
Who is it for: Someone who needs a multifunctional data storage app but does not need a desktop app for syncing
What I like: Offers wide variety of data storage modes in a single app. 
What I Don’t:  No desktop, Interface unappealing,  pricey for what it is.

Final Statement: 
Personally, I am much happier using Evernote (free), Appigo’s ToDo ($10), Appigo’s Notebook ($5) and for encryption, Ilium’s eWallet (currently on sale for $5). Same price, same or better functionality.  Yes, this is multiple apps instead of one and ill cost you $5 more, but the functionality, power and sync-ability cannot be beat.

Read the Developer's Notes:
Do you want to keep your most essential and sensitive data right in your pocket; organized, archivable, easily-searchable, and fully secure? Want to backup, restore, manage them from *any* computer without needing a custom desktop client, whether you are on a Mac, Windows, Linux, or anything with a web-browser? Do you want to have full database management power in your pocket? Create databases of various types, and add, delete, edit, move, organize their records, natively linked to other iPhone applications? 'iDB Datamaster'is your Pocket Data Manager. Utilizing a template-driven engine it lets you manage all kinds of data; helps you easily enter, sort, organize, search, display, move, backup, and restore... Some of the data-types include:- Account Management- Login/Password info- To-Do Lists- Credit Cards- Checklists- Shopping Lists- Logs- Notes- Diaries, etc.
Upcoming versions will only add more...Under iDB Datamaster, each different datatype can be thought as a separate application.- Fully integrated with iPhone; feasible fields are linked to other applications. Tap on a field to make a phone call, launch a web-page, etc.- Have as many database and records as you want. ('Lite'version has limitations). Organize your records into different databases; move, archive, etc. in single taps. Manage multiple projects under multiple To-Do lists, while managing individual item progress and priorities. Sort data in various ways: by progress, priority, status, alphabetical... Search over titles, keywords, notes, specific database types, or even global search: over all databases at once.- Fully secure. Access is password protected, records are encoded.- Use iPhone for other purposes but do not abondon your work. Pause IDB, then come back to the exact place in single tap, and keep working.- Integrated web server (so your desktop browser can access when needed)- Backups are in standard CSV format; easy to migrate (restore) data from other systems.-'Reset'a database to an initial state for reuse. Reset pre-flight checks, navigational checks, etc., re-start all over the next time..

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