IdentiKid Review – Test your memory and sketch the suspect!

On November 8, 2012

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IdentiKid Review – Test your memory and sketch the suspect!

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By: Mateusz Adamus

Version #: 1.1

Date Released: 2012-09-24

Developer: Epic Hamster Web Site

Price: 0.99

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IdentiKid is that good old ‘memory test’ story, retold in a new way. The app acquaints you with a cute girl with a balloon, sitting on a bench. Out of nowhere, comes the Mr.X of our story, who pricks her balloon. And the girl does, what anyone with a popped balloon would do- She calls 911. Helping the police to get a sketch, is where we come in!

We have seen memory testing apps in a lot different ways but Identikid makes more sense than any of them. First, we are shown the picture of Mr.X for a limited time. This is the time to capture his features like mouth, skin tone, hair style, dress, beard etc. Once the preview time is over, we have to describe Mr.X to the sketch artist by selecting these features from a variety of options available, also in a limited time. For each level, there is a percentage similarity we should attain to proceed to the next level. If you are looking to beat your friend’s score, take the least preview time, least play time and get it perfect 100%.

IdentiKid might seem easy at first, but as the levels progress it becomes harder and addictive. Unlike you might think, this is not an arcade type game where you retry a level, when you lose. Rather it is an endless sort of game. Once you fail a level, the scores of all levels are cumulated as your final score and you start again from the bottom of the stairs. Also, this game takes awful lot time to load, for a 50 MegaByte game and crashes occasionally. I hope they fix these in the next update. This has been solved in the last update!

Editor note: As of 28th November 2012, IdentiKid is also available for iPad! Get it!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes, if they fix the issues

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Everybody

What I Like:Beautiful concept and execution

What I Don't Like:The endless type gameplay

Final Statement:Wait till the next update to grab this awesome game.

Read the Developer's Notes:
It was a beautiful day... until someone broke your balloon! There's no time to waste! You need to remember every little detail and catch that hooligan.

Fight against time, your memory and thousands of combinations of beautiful hand made illustrations. Try to beat record after record!

In a spare time make yourself a brand new avatar and send it to your friends via Facebook or email.

And please, don't bug the hamster.

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