iDrink – Review

On July 29, 2008

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iDrink – Review

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By: Courtland Idstrom

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-07-23


Price: 4.99

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iDrink, like Cocktail which we reviewed a few weeks ago, is another bartending application.
Cocktail’s  database is filled with 4500 different recipes with 65 classics pre-set as favorites.
iDrink offers three different ways to access its extensive menu.

Drink-Name Driven

It has the simple functionality of allowing you to use the main search feature to find your drink of choice but that is only the beginning.
After finding your drink of choice you can edit the recipe to make it your own by changing ingredients, quantity of ingredients, or substituting one ingredient for another. You can, for example, take the recipe for a stirred martini and change the instruction to "shake with ice". (007 will thank you.)
You can add notes, add ingredients, add instructions and then, when you have created an absolutely awful combination, you can restore the original recipe.
In the event that you create something that tastes good, though, you can save or even email it.  For someone who enjoys throwing parties it is a powerful little app that makes you wonder why there is no similarly flexible customizable application for food recipes.

Ingredient Driven

The second part of iDrink is ingredient driven. 
You can begin with an ingredient, Tequila for example (what can I say I am still on vacation) and then either pick from a list of tequila-based drinks or narrow down the options by adding an additional ingredient.
You can begin with a mixer and then narrow down your options by adding a liquor.
You can even begin with the garnish and move forward from there.
It is a great way to discover drinks with which you might not be familiar or discover your options based on the ingredients you have on hand.


A third and final functionality of iDrink is the Randomizer. Tap it and iDrink will randomly select from the drinks in its database.

Quick Take

Value: at $4.99 it is a high value if you need such an app
Would I Buy Again: Yes
Learning Curve: Zero- iDrink is well-conceived and intuitive to use
Who is it for: Anyone who has an interest in mixology
What I like: Easy to use, incredibly flexible, priced right
What I Don’t: It doesn’t make the drinks for you

Similar Apps: Cocktails
Recommended App: iDrink knocks Cocktails out of the park. Not only is it half the price but where Cocktails is an iPhone-based bar book that offers up static drink recipes, iDrink leverages the flexibility of the iPhone and allows you to customize recipes with no risk to the original database.

Final Statement: If you entertain a great deal or have an interest in mixology iDrink is a great choice. iDrink is a terrific bartending book and a whole lot more. It also shows how powerful and flexible an iPhone database program can be.At just $4.99 it is a good value too. ow let’s see this type of app used for something healthy like food!

Read the Developer's Notes:
iDrink is your guide to more than 4500 high quality cocktail recipes. It includes both popular and lesser-known drinks, with 65 classics already set up as favorites for quick access. Simple (but powerful) editing capabilities allow you to add your own recipes or tweak ours to your liking.

Search for and find drinks by name, or explore combinations of ingredients in our ingredients browser. For a bit of fun, try Random mode and see what you come up with! When you find a recipe you enjoy, mark it as a favorite, add some notes for future reference, or email it to your friends.

Whether you pour in ounces or in centiliters, iDrink is the perfect resource for everyone from professional bartenders to amateur mixologists. O U R   T A K E . . .

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