Impossible Pixel Review – Nothing like a buzz saw to the face in the morning

On April 16, 2013

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Impossible Pixel Review – Nothing like a buzz saw to the face in the morning

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By: 99 Up Games

Version #: 1.5

Date Released: 2012-11-15

Developer: Jonathan Lepage

Price: Free

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Let me start by just coming out and saying that the title of this game is quite accurate. This ranks very high in my list of hardest games on the iOS. If you enjoy the pain of failing a jump or over stepping a run, then this is right up your alley.

Impossible pixel is platformed that was placed in a sauce pan until it reduced down to a gooey syrup of buzz saws and spikes. Each level has you wall jumping and running through areas where very little of the level is safe to touch, or for very long. Each level has secret coins that you can find in some of the harder to reach areas and there are achievements for reaching the end in, what seems like, impossible time.

The controls are your basic virtual stick and jump buttons. There are five worlds that steeply increase in difficulty. Where earlier levels are simply you avoiding spikes and saw blades, the later levels have things that comes after you. The game happily keeps track of how many times you have died, and let me tell you, you are going to die…a lot.

Impossible Pixel is a charming platform game that has that Nintendo Hard feel that kids of the 80’s will appreciate. Unfortunately, the lack of interest in this title caused the developer to switch to an ad supported game, which not only leaves those who originally paid for it in an uncomfortable spot, but doesn’t do much for those of us that wish to purchase our games and enjoy them without advertisements. Perhaps a renewed interested in the game will change the developer’s mind since his motivation for the change comes from his desire to continue developing the game itself. If you are a glutton for punishing games then Impossible Pixel will fit right into your repertoire of games.

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Insane!

Who Is It For:Fans of difficult games

What I Like:Simple design, exceptional challenge

What I Don't Like:Ads

Final Statement:Nothing like a buzz saw to the face in the morning

Read the Developer's Notes:
Reached #2 in Top Donwloaded Apps in the US App Store !!

Reached #1 Most Downloaded App in 9 Countries !
Reached #2 in 30 Countries !
Reached Top 10 in 53 Countries !


From the bottom of the pixel earth to the high skies, dodge traps, avoid pixel monsters and go save the world !

? We decided to make the game available for free and support it with game ads. Just on each app launch, not during the game, but the display might take a few seconds to appear, we will make sure in future updates to prevent ads to come up during a level on app relaunch. We thank everyone who bought the game for their support, it is tremendously appreciated. Unfortunately more than 99.5 % of the downloads of Impossible Pixel were free and we need this to be able to keep updating and improving the game along with working on more content that will be available for free later. It might still be temporary but right now it's a necessity and we hope that you will understand our choice. We are working on making a button to remove the ads that will be available inside the game and that will be free for previous buyers of the game. Thank you again for your support ! ?

Selected by AppGratis as the app of the day in February 2013 !

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"Impossible Pixel : Super Meat Boy on iPhone [...] with beautiful pixel graphics and a superb 8-bit soundtrack" -

"If you enjoyed the spot-on platforming of Super Meat Boy and League of Evil 2, there’s a lot to like about this tricky adventure" -

"4 out of 5. Everything combines to keep you playing death after death, trying your hardest to overcome the next challenge." -

"8.5/10. Impossible Pixel is one of those apps that will stay installed on our iDevices for a very long time. Greatly recommended. " -

"Rock-solid pixelart platformer" -

"Impossible Pixel is an amazing arcade game that will keep you playing" -

"Impossible Pixel is gorgeous" -

"It's fun because it's brutal hard? :D" -

The Pixel world is attacked by aliens ! Pixel Man looks up in the sky. Giant spaceships descend upon his earth and beam away all the pixel people. Forced into chaos he runs away, trying to save his world. His story will decide… The Fate of Destiny !

In Impossible Pixel, you guide Pixel Man on a thrilling adventure through pixel cities, dark undergrounds, hostile jungles and destroyed spaceships, going fast, as fast as you can, avoiding scary enemies and dodging deadly obstacles !

- 93 levels of pure platform
- 5 unique worlds
- 4 cool boss fights
- 89 secret coins to find
- 93 star grades to get
- Run, jump and avoid obstacles as fast as you can !
- 28 Game Center ACHIEVEMENTS
- Global chapters HIGHSCORE leaderboards
- Hours and Hours of fun gameplay !

? Please contact us via Facebook, Twitter or [email protected] before putting up bad reviews if you encounter any technical difficulties with the game. In any case, all your scores, grades and coins will always be saved inside the game, unless you delete it manually. ?

How to play:
Run and jump towards the exit.

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