iMut8r – See yourself in a new fright

On October 31, 2011

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iMut8r – See yourself in a new fright

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By: Legacy Effects LLC

Version #: 2.0.0

Date Released: 2011-10-19

Developer: Legacy Effects LLC

Price: 0.99

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iMut8r is, just like the name implies, an app that allows you to mutate your picture or a friend’s picture into the creature of your choosing, as long as that creature is a zombie, vampire, werewolf, witch, “freakenthing”, demon, or ghoul. Quite a nice selection.

It works pretty well, just like FatBooth, AgingBooth, or BaldBooth, which you may be more familiar with.

Like these others, you will take any picture (or find one in your Camera Roll), locate your subject’s eyes and mouth, and then mutate them! The mutation process is a lot of fun and, because of the many options, highly customizable.

iMut8r isn’t free, but it’s an app worth adding to your collection of photo-enhancing apps; 99¢ will get you the iPhone app and $1.99 will get you the iPad version.

Buy it now and you will receive the “Creature from the Deep” character soon!

Quick Take


Would I Buy Again:Yes

Learning Curve:Low

Who Is It For:Those who enjoy editing their photos

What I Like:The app works well and is fairly simple to use.

What I Don't Like:The app requires a manual lineup before editing photo.

Final Statement:Looking bad has never been so easy!

Read the Developer's Notes:
iMut8r has gone Retina!! The App Store’s favorite creature feature face morphing program now takes full advantage of the resolution of the iPhone Retina Display, making for amazing and even more realistic transformations than ever before. Create ghoulish, scary, eye-popping Mut8shuns that are High Resolution and pop out of the screen with HD clarity.

There are currently 7 character sets to choose from, including Zombies, Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, Freakenthings, Demons, and Ghouls.

Switch between character sets and cross-morph your characters into amazing hybrid creations. Mix and match features to create new and impressive creations.

Watch for our newest, very soon to be released, “Creature from the Deep” character set that is due any day.

Use the unique “FADE” feature and enable a surprisingly realistic blend of the effects into your photos, resulting in subtle, disturbing, and often-hilarious finishing touches.

You will be amazed at how much fun it is to play with iMut8r, the combinations are endless

Save your Mut8shuns to your Camera Roll.
Add your Mut8shuns to your Facebook page.
Print your Mut8shuns.
And start the process all over, again, and again, and again.

Designed and created by Legacy Effects, a leader in special makeup and character effects, iMut8r allows you to create film quality effects on your own images.

iMut8r - The evolution of horror… a revolution in iPhone and iPad entertainment!

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iMut8r Tutorials are located here:

***** Some Useful Tips *****

Make sure you lock the “FADE” effect by clicking the Fade/Set button a second time or it will not keep your setting when you change screens! Use the “FADE” effect to create subtle and realistic blending

To rotate an effect layer plant one finger in place on or above object and rotate the other finger around it. This enables you to focus the rotation around a specific point. Rotation will not work if fingers are below effect.

***** How to Mut8 multiple People in one photograph *****

1 - Import your image from the camera or your photo library
2 - Image will load into the alignment page. You can now "Hide Alignment" to remove the frame and see your entire image. This is very useful when Mut8ing more than just a single subject or when your subject(s) are off center.
3 - click "Save alignment" (this will save that alignment to your Camera Roll and will speed up future Mut8ing of that image) or click "Next".
4 - Mut8 your first victim in whole or with just parts. You will need to pinch, scale and fade each layer now and align them onto your victims face.
5 - click "Done"
6 - on the save page, click "Switch Character" (this will in essence flatten the current Mut8shun you just did, and return you to the character selection page to begin Mut8ing the other people in your photo.)
7 - Repeat steps 5-7 until you've Mut8'd everyone that you want to Mut8.
8 - click "Done" and then save as desired.

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