Internet RadioBOX – Review

On November 28, 2008

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Internet RadioBOX – Review

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By: Internet RadioBOX

Version #: 1.0

Date Released: 2008-10-12

Developer: Arnold Buchmueller

Price: 4.99

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I’m not sure how I did it but the iPod touch I had loaded with music and video for vacation was wiped clean on the first day of my trip. It may well have had something to do with my connecting it with my new netbook when it was actually synced with my iMac. (Note to self- only experiment with your tech when you are at home and can recover from a failure.)

Regardless, I ended up with no music or video on my Touch. Sure, I could have bought music from my touch of on my netbook but I have this thing against paying twice for music. Luckily I had a 1gb Shuffle that I had freshly synced and unlike the Touch had (fortunately) not wrecked.
Moreover I figured it was no problem to get music on the Touch via Pandora. I was wrong. Apparently Pandora isn’t available here in Aruba.

So I went searching for a solution and found Internet RadioBox. It is an awesome app. RadioBox makes it simple to search and access a wide range of Internet radio stations. Thanks to ShoutCast and icecast you can search from an almost endless variety of stations. You can search by type or simply look at a list of the most popular stations. When you find one you, like you can easily mark it as a favorite. In this way you can quickly create your own list of favorites so that future searches aren’t required.

Controls are minimal but sufficient for casual listening.  While you could certainly access any of the radio stations directly through Safari, RadioBox makes it super easy to make Internet radio a central part if your listening experience. For that reason alone it is well worth the few dollars it cost.

Our Take

Would I buy again– yes
Who is it for– anyone interested in Internet radio on the iPhone or Touch and anyone who trashes their music selection on the first day of vacation.
What I like. Works well and makes using Internet radio as simple as tuning into your favorite station
What I don’t– I hate the fact that it can’t play in the background while doing something else on the Touch- but that is an Apple failing, not the app’s.

Read the Developer's Notes:
We have been working hard and closely with SHOUTcast™ Radio to bring you the best radio experience available on the internet.

Listen to your favorite MP3 radio station streams from all over the internet right on your iPhone and iPod Touch!

Take your radio stations right with you with 3G/EDGE.


* Mp3 Stream Support

* PLS and M3U Playlist Support

* Easy Favorites Management

* Full SHOUTcast™ Radio integration

* Set your own player wallpaper

* Shake-To-Shuffle to select a radio station

* Watch your network traffic

* List recent radio stations you have played

* Works great with WiFi, 3G and EDGE


* To use Shake-To-Shuffle, shake your device gently about 3 times within 2 seconds

* To keep WLAN enabled, connect your device to USB

* Internet RadioBOX cannot run in background (SDK/iPhone restrictions)
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