iPhlix, Netflix Queue Manager – Review

On December 18, 2008

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iPhlix, Netflix Queue Manager – Review

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By: iPhlix - Netflix Queue Manager

Version #: 2.5

Date Released: 2008-09-02

Developer: Brent Jensen

Price: 2.99

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This application costs $2.99. In this entire list is only one other application the costs that much. The others are either free or $.99. So you have to wonder,

"Why would I spend $2.99 for an application to search Netflix and manage my queue when I can get applications that do the same thing for a lot less or for free?"

The answer is simple — because this application is the most fully featured of the applications out there.

iPhlix presents the most information in an easy to use manner. It has a nice looking UI and offers a wealth of information in a clear and simple way.

Let’s take a search feature for example. You can search for a movie and when the movie is brought up you get an image from the DVD and a brief synopsis of the movie. Throughout the synopsis all of the names of the actors and directors are live links that, when tapped,  pull up the Netflix page for that actor or director within the application itself. You can then add any of their movies to your queue. When you tap the plus button to add something to your queue you’re asked whether you want to add it to the top of your queue or the bottom. What isn’t as nice as being able to choose what position in your queue you’d like it to be, at least  It doesn’t default to the bottom. Better yet, once you have added a movie to your queue you can go to your queue, tap edit, and rearrange your queue into the order you like.

There are two other aspects of this application stand out. The first is the fact you can have multiple Netflix accounts accessible at the touch of a button. Why don’t know how often I would use this feature, since my brother-in-law is a big user of Netflix do something about the idea being able to see what’s on his queue is rather appealing. The second, and far more important, is the fact that you can choose to look at both your physical DVD queue and your instant movie queue. And it switches between the two with the tap of a button. I haven’t seen this degree of control on any of the other applications and, noticing it, I’m even more convinced that I won’t use an application that doesn’t access both queues.

Finally, the application also includes a notation that right in your queue as to whether or not the movie is available for shipping immediately, after a short way, or after some period of time. That means that if  there is a movie you want to see and it’s only available after waiting  a period of time you can choose to move it to the top of your queue so that when it does become available it ships immediately.

In all, this is by far the most full-featured Netflix application you’re going to find. The only downside is that it does cost three dollars when other applications cost far less.




Quick Take

Value:  Very high in my opinion. An example of "you get what you pay for".
Would I Buy Again:  Yes
Learning Curve:  Low
Who is it for: Anyone who wants complete control over their Netflix queue
What I like: Chock full of information and ways in which you can control your Netflix queue
What I Don’t: Nothing

Final Statement:
The most fully feature application we have seen.

Read the Developer's Notes:
New version of iPhlix is here! (App name has been changed to iPhlix at Netflix's request, remember--redownloading an App is always free). Note--display names with spaces will not work for now, choose one without spaces.

Instant Queue is working beautifully. iPhlix now relies on the Netflix public API, so it's much more robust. With this new benefit, we'll be able to focus on new features. For now you can:-Add, Delete and Reorder items in your Instant and Disc Queues-Flip device upside down to move instantly to the bottom of a list-Manage multiple profiles and accounts (just sign in to the right account on the Netflix link page)-No time wasted signing in (" Always On "connection)-Get right where you want to be right away by choosing which tab to start on (e.g. Search, Instant Queue, Disc Queue, etc.)-Swipe a title in" For You "to indicate you're not interested.

With iPhlix, managing your Netflix queue from anywhere is easier than ever. Add, remove, and reorder movies with a few easy flicks of a finger. Rate movies you’ve seen recently, see ratings and descriptions for all the Netflix “top” lists, or search for a particular title before popping it up to the top of your queue.

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