SPARKvue: A Complete Solution For Scientific Inquiries Of All Kinds

On June 14, 2010

App Type: iPhone

SPARKvue: A Complete Solution For Scientific Inquiries Of All Kinds

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By: PASCO scientific

Version #: 1.0

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Imagine toting around a device capable of wirelessly connecting to more than seventy different kinds of scientific sensors. Those using the SPARKvue app will be able to enjoy such a range of functions, and can even perform analysis in the field. The SPARKvue app is able to take real time data and measurements thanks to its ability to link to a huge array of PASCO sensors.

This means that a massive range of experiments or studies can be much more easily facilitated. The app user simply selects from the experiments available or designs their own, and they must then sync the device with the appropriate sensors. This will allow them to collect up to 99 sets of data, and put the information through any of the applicable built in sets of statistics. All of the data gathered through the app can be easily exported using the built in email feature. If there are no PASCO sensors for the device to read, the built in accelerometer is still able to gather a very workable set of data too.

There are many utility apps meant to support scientific studies, but the SPARKvue app is truly unique in its ability to gather real time data from such a huge number of devices and to even analyze it and produce usable charts of the information.

This app functions only with iPod Touch and iPhone devices, and works with English, French and Spanish languages. There is no cost for the app, and all updates will be made available for no additional fees as well.

If you are looking for a tool capable of gathering and analyzing real time data in the field, this app is an ideal solution to add to your device today.

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