Tags: A Delicious Client For Organizing Those Important Bookmarks

On September 17, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Tags: A Delicious Client For Organizing Those Important Bookmarks

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By: omz:software

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Are you a user of the Delicious website? This is a social bookmarking site that lets the user keep a single set of bookmarks that can be easily accessed from any computer. No more looking around for that page you tagged on your work computer, instead you can login to your Delicious account and scroll through your bookmarks to find the one you want.

Now the Tags app allows anyone to access their Delicious account through a mobile device. The Tags app is not just a Delicious client, however, and it is quite intuitive where bookmarks and tags are concerned. While it allows the user to access their Delicious inbox and network bookmarks, it also provides a built-in browser that allows them to open the recommended websites within the app, and even save new bookmarks directly through the browser.

They can also add tags quickly with the auto-completion keyboard feature. This allows the user to enter numerous tags almost effortlessly because the app recognizes text as it is being typed and completes it instantly. The app also has a handy filter feature that is capable of grouping related tags automatically.

There are many Delicious client apps, including Red Delicious and Yummy, but the Tags app is one directly geared towards organizing and browsing the bookmarks quickly and efficiently and also adding or managing existing lists.  This app is compatible only with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

The cost for the app is $2.99, and it works with the English and German languages.

If you want to keep your Delicious bookmarks in order from any location, the Tags app is a great tool for achieving your goal.

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