Japanese: A Great Approach To Learning This Language

On August 28, 2009

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Japanese: A Great Approach To Learning This Language

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By: Code From Tokyo

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For those planning a trip to Japan, or even for those already there, the Japanese app is a great tool for beginning to understand the diversity of the Japanese spoken and written language. This app contains tens of thousands of entries and works as a great translation tool, but it does a great deal more than that. The Japanese app enables the user to easily browse through more than one hundred thousand terms and entries.

They will be able to quickly build vocabulary lists and differentiate between the different varieties of the language (kanji, kana, and romaji). Terms are categorized for easier searching and fall under the most frequently used headings, including such things as food and economics. The app provides helpful charts including listings of proverbs, expressions, and even Japanese characters. If someone wanted to begin to learn how to write in Japanese, this app includes thousands of animations for the “stroke order” of common characters.

There are several translators for iPod Touch and iPhone devices, including Japanese Flip, Kanji Flip and an English Japanese Dictionary, but few combine the sort of useful phrases and easy search patterns as this one.

This app costs much less than a standard text on Japanese, and is $12.99 for the full download. A free trial version is available prior to purchase too.

If you want to immerse yourself in the meanings, sounds, and writing of the Japanese language you will want to get this app.

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