iKanji Touch: A Simple And Efficient Way To Master The Japanese Writing System

On December 16, 2009

App Type: iPhone

iKanji Touch: A Simple And Efficient Way To Master The Japanese Writing System

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By: ThinkMac Software

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Like any other language, the Chinese characters used in Japanese kanji take some time to master. They are also best learned in well-modified stages, and the iKanji Touch app is an ideal way to master more than two thousand of the characters, their meanings, and how to make them.

The iKanji Touch app is divided into grades, with twenty subdivisions in each grade. The app user is introduced to sets of characters and then focuses individually on each character’s meanings and common usage. There is then a series of tests that ask the student to define the terms, make the strokes to form the characters, and even distinguish if compounds (phrases) in which the characters are used is correct.

There are additional reading tests and further meaning tests as study progresses. If a student struggles with a specific issue, the app can recall this and create special additional tests at a later point. The app user also has access to flash cards for each term which can serve as easy reference guides throughout the entire study process.

There are certainly many kanji-oriented apps, such as Japanese Flip and Kanji LS Touch, but this is a true introductory offering that begins with the simplest, elementary concepts and terms and then progresses to ever more advanced levels.

The iKanji Touch app operates with iPhone and iPod Touch devices. The cost for the app is $9.99, and it is available only in the English language.

If you would like to learn kanji in the same way that Japanese students study it, this is the app to download right away.

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