Harmonies: A Streamlined Way To Select The Best Colors And Combinations

On June 14, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Harmonies: A Streamlined Way To Select The Best Colors And Combinations

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By: Jon Jardine

Version #: 1.0.1

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Designers of all kinds find many challenges where color harmonies are concerned. This is the reason that the Harmonies app is such a popular and handy tool. It allows the individual to select colors that will work well together from a variety of panes and views.

When using the Harmonies app, the individual begins in the Mixer pane where they enter the base color which needs to be coordinated or paired with others. This can be entered through the RGB color scale or the HSV percentages, and is then saved as a swatch. Next, the app user chooses the Shades or Harmonies pane to see the recommended colors and tones available for pairing with the base.

To get a close-up of any particular swatch the user simply taps it and then chooses to use this as the new Mixer base or to add the swatch to the collection. Screen views include the current swatch collection, the Harmonies available according to standard color wheel principles, and the various Shades, Tints, and Tones of any particular swatch too.

There are many design and artistic apps, but the Harmonies app is really geared at providing its users with the most efficient system for color selection available. It gives the app user the widest array of possible color choices and options available.

The cost for the app is $1.99 and there are no additional fees for updates to the contents. This app functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you are someone who works with color on a regular basis, the Harmonies app is certainly a wonderfully easy tool that you should add to your mobile device today.

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