Billing: Accept Credit Cards And Signatures Without Standard Equipment

On September 12, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Billing: Accept Credit Cards And Signatures Without Standard Equipment

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By: Spartadata

Version #: 1.1

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In the modern era a merchant who doesn’t accept credit card payments is looked at as a bit antiquated, but this is not usually a mobile payment option. Now even credit card transactions are completely mobile thanks to the Billing app. It allows a credit card sale to be made, and even for the signature of the card holder to be captured, all through a mobile device.

The Billing app uses an extremely simple interface that covers a large range of data. The user can enter the specifics of the transaction, including an easy “slider” feature that allows the card holder to automatically attach a tip to the sale if desired. The touch screen interface allows the card holder to sign with their finger, and instantaneous accept or decline messages indicate the sale is complete.

An easy to access history allows the user to review the day’s sales or issue a credit/refund with a tap of a button. All transactions can be accompanied by an emailed receipt as well. The app doesn’t just process credit cards, however, and a merchant can setup a brand new account through the app or they can make a thorough review of their earnings for a set period of time. Numerous merchant accounts can be run through the single installation of the app, and all transactions are heavily protected via HTTPS transactions and CVV2 data requirements.

There are many credit card processing apps, but the Billing app provides the only signature capture option available. It functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The cost for the Billing app is $19.99 and all upgrades are available free of charge.

If you need your credit card processing to be completely wireless and mobile, this app is a good solution for you to use.

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