Ember: Access Your Campfire Account While Working Remotely

On September 25, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Ember: Access Your Campfire Account While Working Remotely

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Do you know about Campfire? It is a way to host chat rooms with multiple participants. It is considered much more effective than instant messaging for those who require flexibility and multiple users, and it is now accessible through a client app called Ember. This means that someone who has and uses a Campfire account (or even multiple ones) will be able to participate in productive or fun discussions from their mobile device once they have downloaded Ember.

The Ember app allows the user to access an unlimited number of their Campfire chat rooms, and even gives all of the same excellent tools that make the technology so beneficial. For example, through Ember they can view files such as PowerPoint and Excel documents, they can switch instantly and easily between any active rooms, they can monitor or view who is participating in the chats at their rooms and even set or see the topic for each room as well.

The app also allows the user to opt between landscape and portrait views to facilitate typing, and they can also upload photos at any time through their mobile device too.

Many social networking sites have clients, including places such as Twitter, but the Ember app is the unique client for the Campfire chat room users. It is available for iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

The cost for the download is $9.99 and all bug fixes are available free of charge.

If you want to begin accessing your Campfire chat rooms while away from your computer, this is the perfect app to choose.

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