Hunting Calendar: Add Technology To One Of The Oldest Outdoor Hobbies

On January 25, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Hunting Calendar: Add Technology To One Of The Oldest Outdoor Hobbies

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By: SIS Software

Version #: 1.0

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Not many people associate the outdoor sport of hunting with gadgets and technology, but the Hunting Calendar app can really prove how such things work well together. It provides a hunter with the tools to improve their chances for getting the trophies or results they need. There is also an in-app connection to Google Maps to help with planning trips.

When using the Hunting Calendar app, the individual is not just getting information about the hunting times for their geographic location. Instead they are getting a detailed assessment of the periods of time during which they can expect much more successful hunting activities. The app determines this by considering the location of the sun and moon during the days of the hunting season, and then converts this to useable data for the hunter.

There is also a built-in animal call library that can have additional sounds added through iTunes as well. Individual Trophy pages give information about specific animals, and the app user can develop their own trophy page that lists those animals they have successfully hunted.

There are other hunting apps such as RackScore and HuntersLog, but the Hunting Calendar app is one that combines So-Lunar theories, maps, animal calls, and scientific calculations to help the hunter succeed.

The cost for the app is $3.99 and any updates are made available for no additional fees. This app works with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you want to see for yourself how technology can vastly improve your hunting results this is the app to download right away.

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