NoteMaster: Allowing You To Create The Most Detail-Rich And Organized Notes

On December 16, 2009

App Type: iPhone

NoteMaster: Allowing You To Create The Most Detail-Rich And Organized Notes

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By: Kabuki Vision

Version #: 2.3

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Have you ever seen a sofa that would be perfect for a planned redecoration? Maybe you asked the furniture shop for a card and wrote down some information about it, but then later forgot all about the entire thing. With the NoteMaster app you could click a photo of that item and integrate it into all of your redecorating notes.

The NoteMaster is a good solution for professionals and every day individuals who want to take their note making to an entirely different level. Notes are organized by custom categories, and each can have formal formatting such as headers, special fonts, and all kinds of images. It is as close to digital scrapbooking in the mobile format as possible.

Users can also share their notes via the built-in email feature, have hyperlinks embedded in the notes to enable emailing and phone dialing through the app, and also make individual notes completely private. This means that professional exchanges can be password protected, while ideas for a community fundraiser can be continually shared between friends. The app also syncs with Google Docs which makes an ideal format for exchanging or backing up content.

There are other note apps, such as Notebook and 2Do, and the NoteMaster is just the natural evolutionary result of the growing reliance on portable and multi-layered note taking apps.

The NoteMaster app is available for the iPod Touch and iPhone devices. The cost for the app is $3.99, and any upgrades will be provided at no additional costs.

If you would like to enjoy a highly organized and full-featured approach to making your to-do lists, professional notes, and more, the NoteMaster app is the one for you to try.

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