WIKITUDE: An Entirely New Way To Look Around At The World

On October 19, 2009

App Type: iPhone

WIKITUDE: An Entirely New Way To Look Around At The World

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By: Mobilizy GmbH

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Imagine holding up your iPhone and getting all kinds of information about the view it takes in. For instance, you are in London and you take a view of the street in front of you, suddenly the local pub, tea shop, shoe store, and landmarks are indicated on the screen as well. This is entirely possible with the Wikitude app as it delivers informative content that includes landmarks, various points of interest and user reviews of all kinds.

This data is overlaid on the camera’s view and can be adjusted according to the individual’s needs. The Wikitude app takes data retrieved from Wikipedia, Qype and the Wikitude website to generate its remarkable view screens. The user can easily see the points of interest along with short descriptions of them, request current weather information to appear, create and use categories as filters, and even adjust the distance via the slider tool to increase or decrease the range of information. Alternately, the user of the app can also view their information in list form.

There are other travel apps available such as the Pocket Sherpa, but the Wikitude is the only one that delivers such a range of exclusive content and details. It is functional with iPhone and iPod Touch devices and offers access to Twitter and a built in mailbox as well.

The Wikitude app is free to download, and updates automatically whenever it is online.

If you want to find all kinds of new and interesting details about any location you visit, this the app for you to try right away.

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