PhoneFlicks: Mobile Users Can Now Gain Access To Their Netflix Account While On The Hop

On July 28, 2009

App Type: Android, Blackberry, iPhone

PhoneFlicks: Mobile Users Can Now Gain Access To Their Netflix Account While On The Hop

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The success of Netflicks, particularly in this modern economy, is not at all surprising. They offer a remarkable amount of service for a low price, but managing an account has always required access to a computer. Now, however, there is the PhoneFlicks app that allows a Netflicks customer to visit their website on their mobile device to access their account in a fully readable and clear fashion.

Although Netflicks does have a mobile page at its website, it was something that most mobile device users avoided due to its illegibility and hard to view screens. Now, however users of iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android devices can open their PhoneFlicks app and access their accounts to add or remove movies from their lineup, change or shift the positions of the movies in their lineup, browse the entire catalog of movies and television programs and review their account details and history. Users will also be able to access their customized recommendations and receive reviews through this app as well.

There are no other applications that work as well as Netflicks, and the incredibly clear and easy to use interface and navigation will make it a fast favorite of all regular Netflicks customers. The PhoneFlicks app is entirely free of charge, but all users will need to create a Netflicks account in order to gain access to the full features of the application.

If you want to be able to visit your Netflix account whenever and wherever you might be, it is a great idea to go ahead and download the PhoneFlicks application right away.

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