Dictionary.com: Improve Your English And Never Be Lost For Words Again

On August 14, 2009
Dictionary.com: Improve Your English And Never Be Lost For Words Again

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We have all had those moments where we just wish we knew the meaning of a particular word. Whether you are reading a book for class or just in conversation with one of your more articulate friends, you might need to beef up on your word definition knowledge. Well the Dictionary.com application can be your best friend with more than 275,000 definitions; you will never be at a loss for words again.

The software offers audio pronunciations so that when you find the word you want to use, you are able to say it correctly and in the proper context. At times when entering the word, you may have accidentally misspelled it but the Dictionary.com app will provide you will similarly spelled words so you end up finding the definition for the word you set out to find. Each definition includes the word origin and history, non-standard usage, and example sentences.

It also utilizes one of the most popular features of the same named website with the word of the day feature. Teach yourself a brand new word each day with a recommendation from Dictionary.com. The program also incorporates features from Thesaurus.com that has over 80,000 synonyms for when you just cannot find the right word to express what you are trying to say. One of the most enticing features for the Dictionary.com app is that it can be used even when you find yourself without the comforts of any access to the internet.

The Dictionary.com application is available free for download.

If you are ever a bit curious about the true meaning of a word or simply get stumped every once in a while for words, download your copy of the Dictionary.com application today and have the answers waiting for you.

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