Yahoo! Messenger: Keep In Constant Contact With Your Friends and Loved Ones

On July 31, 2009
Yahoo! Messenger: Keep In Constant Contact With Your Friends and Loved Ones

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Most people in the modern world access some sort of instant communication device that includes mobile phones and desktop applications. Among the most common is the Yahoo Messenger software used on many laptop and desktop computers. Now it can be downloaded as a mobile app which automatically connects the user to their regular account and address book.

The Yahoo Messenger app contains all of the same features and elements as the standard version, including the traditional graphics, emoticons, photo sharing and status updates that make the software such a popular and widely used program. In addition to its full functions, this app also is enabled with offline message notification which means that a user will receive an alert even if they are not currently using the Yahoo Messenger. It also allows any user to remain online and active without any interruption to their service for up to two weeks at a time, even when the app is closed.

Certainly there are many different instant messaging platforms and programs, but few can compare with the widespread use of Yahoo Messenger. Converting it to a mobile app for Palm, iPhone, iPod Tough, Blackberry, Nokia, Android, Windows Mobile and other devices is a natural step in expanding constant communication options.

There is no cost associated with the download of the Yahoo Messenger app, and it allows a user to automatically load their contacts and address book into the device.

If you want to remain well-informed of your friends’ status and maintain uninterrupted messaging you’ll want to download this app today.

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