The Weather Channel: Access A Comprehensive View About The Weather Anywhere Anytime – Surfs Up Dude

On July 23, 2009
The Weather Channel: Access A Comprehensive View About The Weather Anywhere Anytime – Surfs Up Dude

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By: The Weather Channel Interactive

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How often do you need to know the weather? Everyday? A few times a day? Do you need to get accurate details for the coming week? Such information isn’t always available through mobile news applications, but is instead a general listing for the “region”. If you want more accurate and pin-pointed weather information, you will want to give The Weather Channel app a try.

This feature-rich application provides an immense amount of information about local and regional weather, traffic, beach and travel conditions. When a mobile device owner downloads The Weather Channel app, they will be able to enjoy their local weather information without a single advertisement or interruption.

There are up to the minute maps with six-hour coverage, the user can save specific locations for instant retrieval, get severe weather warnings through their device, and even get tide and beach information at a glance as well. The software will allow the user to create custom maps on which their home, school and major shopping, sporting and recreational areas are identified as well. There are even many traffic cameras that can be viewed through the app too.

There are several other mobile apps for weather details, such as RadarScope and Weather Radar, but The Weather Channel app brings along the experience and technology of the famous cable news channel to which it belongs. It can currently run with iPhone and iPod Touch devices as well as Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm devices too.

There is a free version of this app, but it must use advertisements as part of its programming. The $3.99 download, however, is entirely commercial free.

If you need accurate weather forecasts, it is a good idea to try The Weather Channel app.

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