Lonely Planet: Mandarin Phrasebook – Never Be Lost For Words Again When It Comes To Mandarin

On August 4, 2009
Lonely Planet: Mandarin Phrasebook – Never Be Lost For Words Again When It Comes To Mandarin

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By: Lonely Planet Publications

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Traveling to another country is an exciting and enjoyable experience, but it is even more so when you can have a few successful exchanges with locals. This is the reason anyone heading to China will want to investigate the Mandarin Phrasebook app. It will allow you to understand some of the phrases that you hear, and also respond in a correct and understandable manner.

This means that you will be able to enjoy a journey on a deeper level altogether. With over 600 phrases covering everything from numbers and times to transportation, dining, health, shopping, sightseeing and even banking, the Mandarin Phrasebook app is a “must have” for those hoping to really enjoy their trip.

The software doesn’t just pop up the phonetic spelling for a particular phrase or word, but also delivers many “local” dialects and texts and audio translations as well. The easy to use and intuitive menus and screens make it very easy to quickly find the phrase or word you need in order to communicate with someone in the Mandarin form of the Chinese language.

The Mandarin Phrasebook is available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices as well as a majority of Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and LG devices too. It is a Lonely Planet publication, which means it has been created from well-informed sources that provide the kind of feedback necessary for making a useful resource and not just an entertaining electronic dictionary.

The Mandarin Phrasebook app is $9.99 which is less than many printed guides, but its easy portability and user-friendly menus make it’s a great format for a journey.

If you want a handy reference that is simple and easy to use, download the Mandarin Phrasebook app today.

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