Cisco WebEx Meeting Center: Stay Connected And Never Miss Another Meeting Again

On August 5, 2009
Cisco WebEx Meeting Center: Stay Connected And Never Miss Another Meeting Again

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If you or your company has a WebEx account, you may want to consider downloading the Cisco WebEx Meeting Center app. This amazing tool allows meetings to be far more productive and interactive than ever before, and the app presents users with a huge array of options, controls and features that will soon make it indispensible.

The Cisco WebEx Meeting Center app allows all registered attendees of a meeting to access data and audio over any 3G or WiFi networks. This means that the full-screen views of reports and information can be viewed and discussed in real-time and in sharp detail. The format for graphics can be either horizontal or portrait and can be from any type of computer or application. The app also allows the users to schedule, change, start and cancel any meetings directly through the software.

The user interface provides detailed information about those in attendance, including how they are attending and if they are a mobile or computer user. It also lets individuals in the meeting conduct group or individual “chats” in real time too. There are complete audio controls that can let any attendee mute their speaker should they need to continue any in-office discussions or eliminate background noise.

The Cisco WebEx Meeting Center app is a remarkably detailed tool for conducting web meetings easily and efficiently. There are other apps available, but this is one that has been refined to meet the needs of current business professionals.

There is no cost for the download and it is available in nine different languages.

If you participate in regular web meetings you may want to encourage your company to use the Cisco WebEx Meeting Center app right away.

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