Skype: The Latest Way To Stay Connected And Chat With Friends And Family Around The Globe

On July 20, 2009
Skype: The Latest Way To Stay Connected And Chat With Friends And Family Around The Globe

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Social networking works on the premise that all the people involved have signed on for the service. While this is one part of the Skype experience, there are also some other fascinating features to the application too. Consider that two Skype users can talk through their mobile devices entirely free of charge, or a single Skype user can make low-cost long-distance calls through their account also.

The Skype app allows free Skype to Skype calls from WiFi connections as well as free instant messaging too. The reason that Skype has exploded in popularity is that it allows social networking to really pay off. The registered account users are able to make entirely free telephone calls through their broadband Internet connections. When the app is loaded to a mobile device it allows the user to contact their other Skype friends through their mobile devices without using up costly minutes. The Skype main page also shows the user which of their friends is currently online and available for communication as well.

The Skype app is not the only VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) and it is never a substitute for an actual land line because it allows for no contact with emergency services, but it is currently one of the most popular communication options of its kind. It works with iPhone and iPod Touch devices and also with Windows Mobile phones, and has a “lite” version available for all other mobile devices.

There is no cost for the Skype app, but there are several fee-based components available that include credits, phones and telephone numbers too.

If you want to talk to friends for free, download the Skype mobile app today.

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