Bloomberg: Have The Power of World Leading Financial Data And Analysis In Your Hand

On July 20, 2009
Bloomberg: Have The Power of World Leading Financial Data And Analysis In Your Hand

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The need for up to the minute financial data and analysis will always be a widespread challenge. There are many professions, and professionals, who rely upon all kinds of financial information throughout the day. Until now they have had to rely on specific machines to give them the results and numbers they need, but now they can get all of this material through their mobile devices.

Thanks to the Bloomberg Mobile app, a user can access worldwide market information with the touch of a keypad. The Bloomberg Mobile is not a simple “ticker” that reports various prices on a scrolling banner; it allows each user to customize the information and details that they need to receive. They can choose from various world markets and also from a comprehensive list of stocks as well. From the app they can receive business and financial news, stock quotes, descriptions of all public companies, pricing charts and even in-depth analysis of the markets around the world, among other features. There is also a very thorough engine for getting precise quotes on commodities, indexes, bonds, currencies and equities on a global scale too.

There are many financial and business applications that offer some of the features of the Bloomberg Mobile app, but few have access to as many journalists from around the world posting stories every minute of the day. This makes the Bloomberg Mobile app an ideal tool for a wide range of professionals. It can work with iPhone and iPod Touch users as well as those who have Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices also.

There is no cost to download and use the Bloomberg Mobile app, and also no associated fees with accessing its content.

If you need timely financial information get the Bloomberg Mobile app today. Ash Conway, the founder of Smokin Apps uses this one religiously.

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