NYTimes: Get All of The Most Important News You Could Ever Want When You Want It

On July 22, 2009
NYTimes: Get All of The Most Important News You Could Ever Want When You Want It

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Daily headlines comment on the decline of the printed newspaper. In fact, those daily headlines are most often read on a display rather than from a newspaper. It is little wonder then that many of the major newspapers are available in an array of electronic formats, and the famous NY Times is no exception. An awarding winning mobile application, the NY Times app provides the user with full access to the day’s latest edition.

The application can be easily customized to provide the user with a streamlined version of the newspaper, and they can also save articles to be synced for reading when the device is offline. The NY Times app puts the entire publication in the hands of the user, but doesn’t ask them to scroll through unwanted sections or pages. Instead, they can enter their settings and each day’s paper is opened accordingly. Even the layout of the online version can be altered to accommodate the needs of the individual user through the application’s settings.

There are many online and mobile news services, but the NY Times app is the one that has consistently been recognized for its high quality features (such as photos and video) as well as its user-friendly interface that allows for customization. Currently it is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch users as well as those with Palm, Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices as well.

There is no charge for the NY Times app, and there is also no need to pay for an online subscription to access the features of the application.

If you want award-winning news coverage delivered to you through your mobile device, download the NY Times app right away.

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