DIRECTV: Browse Listings, Schedule Recordings And Manage Your DVR

On August 27, 2009

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DIRECTV: Browse Listings, Schedule Recordings And Manage Your DVR

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Even though statistics indicate that people spend a great deal of time watching television we still can’t get enough of our favorite shows, movies and regular programming. Because most television requires monthly fees, we want to get the very most out of this expense, and this is where the DIRECTV app can really help out. It allows the user to view listings, schedule recordings, and manage their account right from a mobile device.

When a consumer has a DIRECTV DVR unit in their home they will be able to use this app to communicate directly with it. Through this communication they can schedule recordings of any programs they have access to. This access can only come through an active account with DIRECTV. They can then find the programs through the app by reviewing the listings. Listings can be searched by date, time or channel.

Even pay per view options can be selected through the app, and the appropriate DVR in the home can be programmed remotely to record the movie or show. If a home has several DVRs the app is able to communicate with each, but the user will have to first specify the names of each machine in order to know which they are choosing for any specific operation. The app can then read the amount of available memory on each device to ensure there is enough room for the process.

The DIRECTV app is the only way that iPod Touch and iPhone users can arrange recording operations while away from home.

There is no cost for the app download, but a user must have a current account with DIRECTV.

When you want to get the very most out of your DIRECTV account, you will want to get this app.

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