Manuscript: Building Blocks And Tools For Writing A Perfect Story Or Entire Novel

On February 22, 2010

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Manuscript: Building Blocks And Tools For Writing A Perfect Story Or Entire Novel

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By: Black Mana Studios

Version #: 1.0.4

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What does a really excellent book require? It needs a plot, good characters, and strong writing. With the Manuscript app a writer can use the built-in tools to develop their work effectively, and also carry it with them everywhere they go. The Manuscript app begins with an Outline page that allows the writer to create a summarized Pitch of the work.

There is also a Synopsis which covers the plot development in the work, and Index Cards that hold all of the millions of ideas and concepts that add up to the final results. For instance, characters, dialog ideas, reminders, and much more will be contained in the cards for each manuscript. Next, the Chapters section allows the writer to easily add, edit, delete or reorder the existing chapters.

While editing chapters, the writer can view the content in Reading Mode, or they can conduct a bit of research using the built-in Dictionary. They can also head to Wikipedia with the in-app browser if their research needs a bit more work, or they can open a pre-existing Index Card too. While a work is in progress the writer can import and export their manuscripts or materials in a variety of formats, or they can even use Google Docs as well.

There are all kinds of writing apps, but the Manuscript app is a truly comprehensive way to pull together the necessary threads that make a work complete and effective.

The cost for the app is $7.99, and any updates are free of charge. This app functions with iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

If you want to boost the results of your writing, or just manage a project in the most thorough way possible, this app will prove an invaluable tool.

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