myPantone: Carry This World Renowned Color Library With You Everywhere

On October 21, 2009

App Type: iPhone

myPantone: Carry This World Renowned Color Library With You Everywhere

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By: Pantone

Version #: 1.0

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Fashion and apparel designers, graphic and web artists, and many other professionals require accurate color information on a regular basis. When they are out in the field it is virtually impossible to quickly sort through a color fan and find the precise hue or coordinating shades that they need, but with the myPantone app it is not only possible, but also extremely easy as well.

The app provides users with the many Pantone color libraries and will use the camera or photo library images on the device to capture and extract the colors required. The myPantone app will use the images loaded into the iPhone or iPod Touch device and provide color combinations to coordinate with them, or cross-reference the color to the closest matches in all available libraries.

A user can then create their own custom palettes which are written in RGB, HTML, and other formats. These can then be used in almost any popular graphics program such as QuarkXPress or AdobeCS and shared via email in HTML format only, the Pantone website, or even on Twitter and Facebook.

There are other color apps intended to help artists and designers design palettes or identify colors, but the myPantone app offers identical matching and additional coordination and palette development tools. The app works exclusively with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The cost for the myPantone app is $9.99, and it can work directly with the palette sharing website.

If you need accurate color analysis and some assistance in designing coordinating palettes, this is an ideal app for you.

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