Bebo: Consolidate Your Social Network Feeds Into A Visual Time Line

On December 22, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Bebo: Consolidate Your Social Network Feeds Into A Visual Time Line

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By now most people have at least some presence in a social network such as a Twitter account or Facebook profile. While it might be simple to head to such sites while on their computer, it isn’t all that easy to consolidate these sites on a mobile device, and that is where Bebo comes in extremely handy.

The Bebo app lets the user have access to its unique Lifestream area that works like a very visual time line, laying out all messages and updates in a chronological and pictorial order through which the app user can simply browse or slide. The app also lets the user check in with Facebook and Twitter, look at all friends blogs, photos, and posts, and even upload content from any site too.

The app offers the user a chance to look at their own home pages, their profile page, friends sites, and access a variety of email or contact options. They can even follow and unfollow and friend or unfriend through the app as well.

While most of the social networking sites have a host of client apps available, the Bebo app is one that streamlines the entire process of checking in, responding to messages, and managing several accounts.

There is no charge for the Bebo app, but existing Facebook and Twitter accounts will be required for full functionality. It functions with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

If you want to enjoy a simple and easy approach to managing your social networking accounts, this is the app to download today.

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