Avaya one-X Mobile: Convert Your Mobile Into Your Desk Phone With A Single Touch

On December 5, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Avaya one-X Mobile: Convert Your Mobile Into Your Desk Phone With A Single Touch

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By: Avaya

Version #: 1.1.3

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If you are someone who spends a lot of your workday away from your desk, the Avaya one-X Mobile app is a great way to receive all of your calls and messages through your mobile device. The app can also provide visual voicemail, directory integration, and more. Those using the Avaya one-X Mobile app will probably do so in order to enable themselves to receive their regular office phone calls through their iPod Touch or iPhone device.

The app allows users to make calls through their office line (with caller ID data indicating the user’s business phone number and not that of their iPhone account). They can also see headings on every voicemail to save time and allow prioritization, they can integrate their company directory into the app to allow contacts to display correctly, and they can create customized VIP lists that automatically manage how any incoming calls are handled. The app also has an option for utilizing the company calling infrastructure to save money on long-distance and international phone calls as well.

There are many productivity and business apps that can be used for telephone options, but this is one that is geared specifically at allowing the user to remain accessible to customers, colleagues and friends through a single mobile device.

This app is functional only with iPhone and iPod Touch devices and operates in more than ten different languages. There is no cost for the Avaya one-X Mobile app download.

If you need to manage all of your professional and personal calls with a single device, this is the ideal app to acquire right away.

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