Expenditure: Customized Tracking Of All Expenses In An Intuitive Fashion

On August 9, 2010

App Type: iPhone

Expenditure: Customized Tracking Of All Expenses In An Intuitive Fashion

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Have you ever used one of the personal expense tracking apps? You might have had to rely on the built-in categories and headings and found that the overall experience was inefficient. With the Expenditure app, however, you can create all of your own labels and headings and even use images to track every penny you spend.

The Expenditure app initially appears to be extraordinarily basic. It allows the user to add a New Transaction for every expense, but this is where it takes things to a new level. For instance, they can type in the amount in their own currency or in almost any other global currency too. They can then add this to a pre-existing category or create a new one. The details for individual transactions allow notes to be added, photos to be applied, and edits to occur.

All expenses can be a one-time thing or they can be entered as recurring payments too. This makes it easy to track weekly and monthly spending without constantly entering new data. Should an entry need to be deleted it is a matter of simply opening the individual transaction, using the touch screen function to pull down the receipt generated by any transaction and tearing it away to permanently delete it from the record.

There are many popular personal expense applications available, including Bills and Cha-Ching, but the Expenditure app is designed to make personal accounting fun and simple.

The app works with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone devices, and functions in English, German and Russian languages. The cost for the app is $1.99, and all updates are free of charge.

If you want to really get on top of your expenses, but in a mobile and enjoyable format, this is one app to download right away.

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