Newsstand: Easily Access And Customize Your RSS Feeds And Updates

On October 4, 2009

App Type: iPhone

Newsstand: Easily Access And Customize Your RSS Feeds And Updates

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By: omz:software

Version #: 2.0

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Most modern computer users have subscribed to several RSS feeds, and for some it can become a bit time consuming to browse through the latest updates. With the Newsstand app, a user can access RSS feeds from their favorite subscriptions through a mobile device quickly and easily.

The Newsstand app uses a graphically pleasing layout to allow the user to browse through their RSS updates. The interface looks like a standard newspaper rack and the user simply taps on the article they want to read. They can also opt to have their feeds delivered to them in the classic line item style too, and in either style they can easily organize the appearance.

The app syncs up with Google Reader, and the clear interface provides a simple status screen that lets the reader see how many unread items they have, and this data is broken down into categories such as News, Blogs, Comics, and then by the titles. In addition to making RSS feeds easily readable through a mobile device, the app allows for emails, downloads, copy and paste, and sharing through Twitter, Delicious and Instapaper too.

Because RSS feeds are so widely used, the Newsstand app is not an exclusive way to review subscriptions. It is, however, richly featured and designed to allow the user an enormous array of options and custom controls. Currently it is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

The Newsstand app costs $4.99 and functions with English and German languages.

If you want to consolidate RSS feeds and use them in an efficient and organized manner, this is a good app for you to download today.

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