Kindle for iPhone: Easily Browse, Buy And Read The Books You Love On Amazon

On August 13, 2009

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Kindle for iPhone: Easily Browse, Buy And Read The Books You Love On Amazon

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Are you looking for an easier way to read your favorite books? Amazon has begun the electronic book market for consumers. When they purchased Kindle, they gained control of the main electronic device for reading. In a brilliant business move, they also created an app for the iPhone. This program links you to the Kindle electronic library which boasts a collection of over 300,000 books to choose from.

Even when you accidentally leave your Kindle at home, you will still have immediate access to all of your Kindle purchases on your iPhone. With Amazon’s whispersync, you are able to synchronize the exact place in the book that you left off between your Kindle, your PC and your iPhone. When you are connected to a WiFi, 3G or Edge network, you can browse the library and purchase a new book instantly and if you have difficulty making up your mind, the site allows for sample chapters for you to browse through.

The application allows you to read your novel whether you are holding your iPhone vertically or horizontally. You can very easily adjust the text settings so that the words are larger for easy painless reading. The software also provides a variety of backgrounds and the color of your text so that even in less than ideal lighting conditions the reading will be easy on your eyes.

With a simple tap of the screen you will be whisked away to the next page without even needing to lick your fingers. And you can expect the library from Amazon to grow bigger every day.

This amazing download option is free. So, download it today, and begin to have access to the best of the best in reading options.

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